Reliance Jio – All That You May Want To Know!

  • What is Reliance Jio?
    • Jio is a Mumbai-based provider of 4G internet, mobile telephony, broadband services, and digital services in India provided by Reliance Industries Ltd. Formerly known as Infotel Broadband Services Limited, Jio provides 4G services on a pan-India level using LTE technology. It offers all the features of standard 4G networks, including video calling and a lot of other additional features through this network.


  • In which devices it could be used?
    • For optimal experience of Jio services, its best to use devices sold/recommended by Jio. Jio will publish a list of third party Handsets/ Devices that may be used with the 4G Jio Sim from time to time. Jio services may work with TDD LTE band 40 enabled dongles/JioFi they are not locked to any service provider. To see a full list of devices which are true 4G, check this link.

  • How can I avail the services?
    • Jio is now offering a free preview service. You need to get a new Jio connection to avail the services including this free service.
  • How do I get a free preview offer?
    • Step 1: Get a 4G enabled smart phone (better if it is in the list given above). Only Apple/Android devices are supported for using the MyJio App
    • Step 2: Install MyJio App for your device. The link for finding your app is here.
    • Open the App, then open the MyJio link from it.
    • Keep connected to some reasonably fast internet stream.
    • You will see a link like Get Jio Sim, click on it
    • Fill your name, and contact number to get an OTP.
    • In the next screen, fill the OTP received in your contact number as message.
    • You will be shown a coupon code (with bar code). Take a screen shot of it.
    • With your Aadhar Card, visit  a Reliance Digital Store/Mini Store nearby with your phone (where you have saved your screenshot), give your thumb impression to a finger print reader in the store, and get the Jio sim. It will be activated within next 24 hours.
  • Need I pay anything for availing the preview offer?
    • Preview offer is absolutely free. But if you are taking the Sim from a non Reliance Digital store, they may charge you a few bugs.
  • Till when this preview offer is valid?
    • 31st December 2016
  • From where I can get a Jio connection?
    • Reliance Digital Express stores, or some near by mobile store if you are in a big town. Note that, Reliance Jio is different from the former Reliance Mobile services.
  • What are the tariffs after the free preview offer?
    • jio-prepaid-tariff-1
    • jio-prepaid-tariff-2
    • To see all the tariff plans including post paid plans, see this link.
  • How Jio is different from other 4G mobile services?
    • There are many. Jio provides services only in the 4G LTE mode, where as other providers work in 2G, 3G, 4G. Jio calls are over Voice over LTE technology, where as others downgrade calls to 2G technology even if you are in their 4G network. VoLTE technology is much superior for transmitting voice. A detailed comparison available at this link.
  • Is there any internet only packages for Jio?
    • Infact, Jio is charging only for internet. There voice call charges are absolutely free!
  • Can I use this in some usb dongle/modem?
    • You may buy their wifi hotspot device which permits about 10 devices to connect to internet simultaneously.
  • Where can I find more info about Jio?
    • At the Jio official website
    • Keep visiting this site, as we will be updating it with latest input including un official tricks!

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